Umicore Electroplating’s Auruna ® 556 EF-24 Fine Gold Electrolyte for Electroforming


The applications for AURUNA® 556 EF-24 include electroforming, hollow jewellery and noble jewellery. It is particularly suitable for Umicore Electroplating’s Aurunaelectroforming. The electrolyte produces hard, semi-bright, thick gold layers. It is mainly used to produce high quality hollow jewellery with layers between 150 and 200 micrometer. Mandrels may be either made of wax or metal. The excellent hardness up to 200 HV and more than 99.9 percent fineness ensures outstanding stability in use of hollow jewellery, which was not possible before. It can be polished easily, has good surface quality and convinces with its solder properties.
AURUNA® 556 EF-24 is also ideal when thick fine gold layers are deposited on (non-) precious metals. Creative combinations allow completely new designs.


Umicore Electroplating’s 18ct Auruna 568 EF is a gold-silver electroforming with a high hardness without annealing and easy to handle compared to current processes in 18ct or 22ct with a lot of saving in production time and money. This makes it possible to manufacture strong, stable hollow 24-carat gold jewellery with a fine finish!