Everes Zero

Resin Laser 3D Printers

EVERES ZERO, DLP 3D printer using resin polymerization by means of light projection.

Fast & accurate The patent pending ZTT (Zero Tilting Technology) enables extremely fast printing routines with uncompromising quality. The PTFE bottom of the vat is not subject to degeneration during the photo-curing process of the resin. The first layer will be precise and detailed as the last. The mechanical stress in the formation of the object is minimal.

Immediate The alignment and zeroing of the building platform take place automatically for every print job, without the need for any manual intervention, thus limiting any possible human error.

The resin cartridge types are automatically recognized by Tag RFID; the resin loading/unloading operations are automatically managed at the start and at the end of every single printing process.

Technical Details

Bulding area (XY) - Printing area96 × 54 mm
Z axis200 mm
XY resolution50 micron
Light sourceUV LED@405 nm
Projector technologyDLP FullHD 1920 × 1080 px
Layer thickness rangeMin: 25 micron - Max: 150 micron
Printing speed - Depending on resin type and layer thicknessup to 6 min/cm
Dimensions411 mm Ø (base) x 870 mm H x 272 mm Ø (top)
Network 3D printerYes (Ethernet 10/100/1000 - WiFi)
SBP: Smart Building PlatformYes
ZTT: Zero Tilting TechnologyYes
Electrical input100/240 V AC - 50/60 Hz
Electrical output24V DC with power supply
High Adhesion SBPOptional
Weight27.5 Kg



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