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Umicore is a world leading Company for manufacture of electro-plating materials. Electroplating is a process by which a thin metal layer is put on a product to change its appearance or surface behavior. The coating protects the product against corrosion or adds value through its brilliant metallic surface. Innovation is key and recent improvements include next-generation products that not only reduce the quantity of precious metal required in the electroplating process but also lead to cost reductions. Umicore’s detailed electroplating knowledge helps customers improve their overall production quality by providing continuous on-site technical service support.”

Worldwide, Umicore’s Electroplating business develops, manufactures and sells electroplating products for a wide variety of applications including jewellery. In India Umicore products are sold, serviced and supported through N Jewellery Techniques Pvt. Ltd.

Some of the quality Umicore products specially manufactured for jewellery plating are :

  • Rhoduna Diamond Bright – Bright and White Plating
  • Rhoduna JI – Bright and White Plating
  • Rhoduna TD – Bright and White Plating
  • Rhoduna 271 – Bright and White Plating
  • Rhoduna 275 – Bright and White Plating
  • Antitarnish 616+ – To protect Silver Jewellery from Tarnishing without effecting quality of Jewellery. Also give scratch proof surface.
  • Auruna 261- Touch Up ( Pen Plating) of Gold for Pale yellow Color.
  • Auruna 262 – Touch Up ( Pen Plating) of Gold for Light yellow Color.
  • Auruna 263 – Touch Up ( Pen Plating) of Gold for Yellow Color.
  • Auruna 264 – Touch Up ( Pen Plating) of Gold for Rose ( Pink) Color.
  • Auruna 100 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Yellow Green Color.
  • Auruna 101 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Pale Yellow Color.
  • Auruna 102 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Light Yellow Color.
  • Auruna 103 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Yellow Color.
  • Auruna 104 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Pink Color.
  • Auruna 105 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Rose Color.
  • Auruna 106 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Dark Rose Color.
  • Auruna 109 – Bath Flash gold Plating for Fine Gold Color.
  • Auruna 500LC – Micron gold Plating for Rose Color.(Copper look)
  • Cleaner 6032 – Excellent De-Greasing for Pre-plating.
  • Palluna 459 Ready to use – Intermediary layer of Palladium on Silver before Rh or Gold Plating.
  • Ruthuna 475 – Black Ruthenium Plating with Bath.
  • Ruthuna 474 – Light Black Ruthenium Plating with Bath.


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