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We, at N JEWELLERY TECHNIQUES P. LTD., offer complete consultancy and Allied services for all types of jewellery companies from inception to completion.


With our knowledge and experience of 25+ years in the jewellery field we can offer Consultancy for setting up factories from scratch, plan out your factory layout, production processes, quality control, worker training, and provide you with the best possible machinery / ancillaries for your particular requirement from a worldwide selection of best in class products for your present requirements at competitive prices. We also keep in mind upgrades that would be required for the foreseeable future.


The most important aspect of starting any project is to Start Right in the initial stages. Thus in setting up a jewellery factory, the correct approach is required from inception to achieve success. However, we have often noted thru our 25+ years of experience in the field, that many times, problems are faced in production, quality control and marketing and if the company does not Start Right. For such Companies, we are there to assist in trouble shooting at production factories and also for product betterments.


We understand that in any factory, machines need to be maintained / repaired and consumables need to be replenished periodically. We therefore maintain a fully trained Service Department and stock of consumables to assist you to service / repair, replenish used stocks and/or do troubleshooting for any machines / consumables that we sell to you, so that you do not face problems in your production.


For further details you can get in touch with us through our contact details on this website, for help at whatever level you require. Our charges for all services would be modest and easily worth your while.