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Super defined
Thanks to the 4K UHD light source, EVERES VARIO is able to reach an extreme resolution of 3840 x 2160 px. It represents the latest technological achievement in 3D DLP resin printing and offers the highest definition ever achieved.

Two printers in one
The print volume and XY resolution can be changed with a simple button, going from a wide 115.2 x 64.8 mm base for very high resolution prints to a wide 226.6 x 127.4 mm base for high productivity prints, with a maximum height of 450 mm, respectively with two XY resolutions of 30 µm or 59 µm.

The distinctive LED ring communicates the main machine statuses intuitively and quickly. On top, a touch-sensitive retractable control screen allows viewing of the progress and print performance at any time, through a modern and functional interface.

Technical Details

The range of EVERES professional 3D printers, based on “Digital Light Processing” DLP technology, expands and includes the new EVERES VARIO model. It stems from the platform that EVERES ZERO and EVERES UNO have in common, maintaining its sinuous and futuristic shape that had characterized it, elegantly elevating it from the ground to the upper control screen. This new model is an ergonomic and functional device with a floor stand and a strong aesthetic character.

The technical-functional features that typify the EVERES family remain unchanged in EVERES VARIO; these include self-alignment and self-reset of the construction platform, the resin tray that does not degenerate with the photo-hardening process, the high speed printing, automatic loading/unloading of the resin, the software with the “Click & Make” functionality and the possibility of activating the automated detachment of printed objects from the construction base.

New features are also added, such as:

  • 4K UHD Projector, 3840 x 2160 px resolution.
  • Touch-sensitive retractable control screen, which allows viewing of the process progress and print performance.
  • Two print volumes, variable base from 115.2 x 64.8 mm to 226.6 x 127.4 mm and maximum height of 450 mm.
  • Two XY resolutions, variable at 30 or 59 µm.
  • Double resin cartridge loading positions and additional supply tank, for a very high productivity without interruptions.


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