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Our Team at N JEWELLERY TECHNIQUES P. LTD. offers complete consultancy services for project start-ups and implementation for manufacture of Plain gold Jewellery, Diamond studded Jewellery, Imitation or any type of Jewellery. We also assist in trouble shooting at production factories and also for product betterments.

We sincerely believe that working together with us, you would save a lot of time and money. Our charges would be modest and easily worth your while. To this effect, let us mention something about ourselves.

We are, of course interested in selling you machines; but we want to make sure that they are best suited to your particular needs. Thus for the benefit of our esteemed clients and clients-to-be, we take utmost care to select some of the best / leading names in jewellery machines and consumables suppliers, because, we want to see you get the best possible results from whatever you buy from us. To this end, we are also prepared to train your personnel, if you so desire, to obtain the best results and optimum usage from the machines supplied. We represent some of the finest machinery/consummables lines in the world, and would pick and choose the individual items from the vast range available, to put together what is best for you now, as well as in the foreseeable future.

The decision is made; the die is cast. All of you will put great energy and enthusiasm into making your new project a success. Many of you will soon get into the mainstream of exports. Some, a few, will succeed beyond what you ever thought possible, while regretfully, several will keep struggling, finding new problems in production and quality control, marketing and profitability. These problems, for those of you who do not START right, will not simply disappear with time. They will be aggravated, as more and more entrants seek trained staff, and resources and patience get strained. The Important thing, therefore, is to START RIGHT!

This means from the planning stage. Manufacturers of equipment and supplies will be sending you catalogues, plans, price-lists. Claims and counterclaims for this equipment or that will confuse you. Whether you know it or not, you will need help to find out what is best for YOUR particular needs. How best to lay it out. How to avoid blocking up your capital at this stage with equipment you will not need for yet some time; and on the other hand, to be ready and able to up-grade as soon as you need to. We have the knowhow, the willingness to teach, international contacts, the experience of thirty-five years, and the right motivation to act, if you wish, as your consultant in matters of production processes, quality control, worker training, factory layout, selection of machines and tools and purchase of these at the lowest possible prices.

We look forward to meeting you, and being of help at whatever level you require it. YOU are the best judge of what you require, and to this effect, we can help you come to that decision, and achieve your requirements at the guaranteed lowest cost, from manufacturers world wide. We sincerely hope to hear from you; our guidance WILL save you time, money, and get you into production in the easiest possible manner.