Ultraflex SuperCast J


SuperCast J – induction jewelry casting machine. Casts all metals and alloys: precious and non-precious.

SuperCast J

The best Automatic Casting machine which delivers flawless casting for Platinum and Titanium which are normally difficult to cast.

  • Patented RCS (Rotating Coil System) providing excellent casting and no death time due to coil lifting.
  • Casts all metals and alloys: precious and non-precious.
  • Very high melting efficiency and speed.
  • Easy to Install and simple to operate.
  • Reliable, easy to maintain and service.



  • Built in vacuum pump and Argon gas circuit
  • Coil rotation with arm and flask
  • Coil still heating during rotation
  • Metal injected in liquid phase
  • Accurate temperature reader with advanced thermo regulator
  • Metal emissivity regulation
  • Vacuum-Argon washing cycle
  • Advanced diagnostic features and error messages
  • Easy to use digital Control Panel with 10 user programs, 10 programmable parameters each
  • Casting with precious stones
  • Special program for Titanium casting – Supercast Plus J5
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher degree of controllability
  • Increased repeatability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity



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