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Despite its compact size, desktop laser marking system EASY-GO features a 400 x 200 mm working plane and is equipped with a 290 mm motorized Z axis. 


Available in both class 1 (closed version) and class 4 (open version), with 20W and 30W laser sources. It can be integrated with SISMA accessories, like the splindle and the plate dragger, with direct connection in the working chamber.


Entirely developed by Sisma, the integrated software is the ideal solution for file management and parameters defining, even for complex jobs.

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Technical Data200F300F
Active materialYbYb
Average power20 W30 W
Wave length1064 - 1085 nm1064 - 1085mm
Working frequency20 - 60 kHz30 - 60 kHz
Impulse duration< 120 ns< 120 ns
Peak power8,5 kW8,5 kW
Pulse energy1 mJ1 mJ
Beam quality< 1,8< 1,8
Z axes stroke290 mm
Z axes precision0,05 mm
Repeatability0,02 mm
Max piece weight25 kg
Power supply230 V ≤ 15% - 50/60 Hz 1ph
Cooling systemAir
Power absorption0,8 kW
Dimensions (L x D x H)560 mm x 760 mm x 770 mm (1120 mm with open door
Weight85 kg (cl. 1)