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High precision Nd:Yag welding system: long lasting duration of the lamp, easy to use and reduced Maintenance are some of the characteristics of this machine combined with a soft and attractive design.

  • 24 month warranty (flash lamp included).
  • Absolute guarantee of stability laser beam alignment.
  • Ease of maintenance (without opening the box). Rear door access for easy replacement of water filter and de-ionizing filter, as also for addition of water for controlling the water-level.
  • Colour touch-screen display.
  • 250 parameters storage capacity.
  • Provision for gas protection.
  • Regulator of cooling air.
  • Deionizing filter supplied as standard
Description LMD 60 LMD 100
Power Supply 200-240V 50/60HZ 10A 80W
average power 60W 80w
peak pulse power 7,5KW 9KM
Pulse energy 60J 100J
welding spot diameter 0,2 - 2mm 0,2 - 2mm
microspot options < 0,1 / 2mm < 0,1 / 2mm
focus adjusment motorized motorized
programming memory up to 250 up to 250
stereo microscope LEICA LEICA
cooling water / air water / air
fume extraction integrated integrated


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